What we offer

Stock Broking

1. Securities Trading (Stockbroking)

This is a financial transaction where we act on mandates of clients to purchase and sell stocks of listed companies. We work closely with our Clients, both individuals and corporate organizations to ensure that their trading objectives are realized through the prompt execution of their mandates. One of the products offered is the Apel Stocks, Savings, and Investments & Returns (ASSIR) which is specifically a savings product of a monthly contribution for investors with a long term savings perspective.

2. Market Positioning Consultant to Quoted Companies

This entails our continuous watch of the market value of a Corporate Client’s shares to adequately reflect the Company’s underlying earnings strength as well as its free cash flow. It involves periodic monitoring of the Company’s share performance as well as the submission of periodic reports to the Company’s management. Furthermore, we also organize in collaboration with the Company’s management a brokers’ forum to sensitize the market about corporate developments within the organization.

3. Stock Market Analysis

As a stock market analyst, we make available at agreed intervals, detailed analysis of the stock market on a company by company basis as well as sectoral analysis of actively traded equities of listed companies on the floor of The Nigerian Stock Exchange. The compendium covers recent policies, events, and public issues that are likely to impact on the performance of the Company’s share price and its peers with a local and global outlook.

4. Stock Market Liaison

As part of the professional services offered to our Corporate Clients we endeavor to create a convivial relationship between stockbrokers, The Nigerian Stock Exchange, including its officials as well as the investing public. This is with the objective of ensuring that negative detrimental information about the Company does not translate into a significant diminution in the Company’s share price


5. Introduction/Placing/Listing of newly issued shares

We assist companies willing to list its shares on The NSE as well as already quoted companies intending to place more issued shares.

Issuing House

Our primary responsibilities cover two broad areas as follows:

1. Capital Market Activities:

  • Sponsoring the issuance of Unseasoned securities i.e Debt, such as Loan
  • Stock, Debenture, Bonds e.t.c
  • Sponsoring the issuance of Unseasoned securities i.e Equity such as IPO’s, Private Placement e.t.c
  • Seasoned Offerings such as Offer for Sale, Rights Programme etc
  • Identifying and securing capital raising/restructuring mandates
  • Preparation, packaging and marketing of Offers.

2. Corporate Finance Activities:

These activities involve the analysis of investment options for businesses which includes:

  • Other Financing Options-Private Equity, Venture Capital, Multilateral
  • Funding
  • Financial Engineering
  • Capital Restructuring
  • Mergers and Acquisition
  • Business Valuation
  • Distressed Assets
  • Other forms of financial advisory.
portfolio management

Our idea of Portfolio Management is maximizing the profitability and value of our client’s portfolio by providing a balance of risk and return.

Our expertise is deployed into investing in various classes of assets so as to achieve the pre-agreed investment objectives – A risk-adjusted superior return on the portfolio of the Company’s share price.

We ensure our client’s Investment Policy Statement is strictly adhered to bearing in mind the uniqueness of each client.

Our Products:

1. Discretionary Portfolio Management

We are responsible for the active management of such portfolios and decisions of asset allocation/stock selection is strictly taken by us on behalf of our client.

2. Non-Discretionary Portfolio Management

The responsibility for all decisions regarding the active management of such portfolios lies with the owner. Our role as Investment Advisers is the provision of varied options and classes of investment for the bespoke portfolios. In addition, the broker service of executing the sales or purchase mandates is delivered efficiently.

3. Special Portfolio Administration Services

We target portfolios which have suffered marginal loss as a result of the economic downturn. Our expert knowledge of the market assists us in delivering a turnaround on such portfolios. Efficient and effective administration of our duties also covers but not limited to collection and verification of certificates, corporate actions follow up and extraction i.e dividend/bonus.

All our offerings are deployed with the perfect picture of our client's position as periodic performance reports are delivered as at when due.